Happy Anniversary Leonardo!!

This is my gift to you.


Dear Leonardo,

Throughout the years of our marriage, I have given much thought to a gift that I could give you which would be of everlasting value. A gift you would not be able to buy in a store. A gift that would not only speak to you but also be one that spoke of you. So I want to present you with this gift and the reason behind it.

The gift is you, your music. You are behind each one of these songs. Your thoughts and your beating heart for God are in the essence of each note.

I have been beyond blessed to have lived my life with you. Not only with you but also with the sound that you create around you. Not a day passes in our home without the music of a beautiful guitar playing or your voice singing. How often I talk to you while you are somewhere in your ‘music cloud’, hearing notes that you just must capture. Yes, I share my life with you and you live your life with me; even so, a huge part of it is caught up in the realm of sound.

For many years I have wished that others who love you would also get to taste and see the full Leonardo that I have experienced. So please receive this gift which is indeed my idea. But it was the hands of our son Luigi who created this library of rich sounds that reflect you, your ability, your talent and your joy. You are awesome and your music is fabulous. And I know that God smiles at you each time that you sit down to be creative.

Keep the rhythms rolling and may you know like you know like you know that who you are as a musician and producer in this world truly makes a difference. To me. To your children. To Kambani. And to all who hear the beautiful sounds that have come out of you.

Lastly, that very first day that we met and you told me that you were a composer, you let me listen to the music that you had written specially for me. When I heard it, I fell in love with you. Tears came to my eyes as I realised that the sound that had come through you was calling me home. To a safe place for my soul to rest. And into an inspired step which stood for what was still to come. I hope you do not mind that ‘Hands of a Clown’, the piece that you wrote all those twenty-one years ago, is a part of this collection that I call my own.

(So friends and family, welcome to Leo’s universe. Hear what he hears. And enjoy this journey of sound.)

With deep love,
Your wife, Una.